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September 2023



New Junior Infants

There was great excitement last Wednesday morning when we welcomed our new Junior Infants to Feakle NS.

Best of Luck to our Lovely Rose of Clare

Check out the video of us singing Our Lovely Rose of Clare below – we recorded it on the last day of school. Wishing Aisling the very best! What a wonderful ambasssador for our parish and county. Have a great few days Aisling!


Middle Room – Board Games Morning

This week, children had the opportunity to play board games, as a fun activity, as part of the countdown to their summer holidays. They really do love playing board games.

Middle Room – Jellyfish Art

Children made jellyfish, using chalk pastels.

Middle Room – 3D Shapes STEM Activity

The children made 3D Shapes using matchsticks and marshmallows. They enjoyed this activity, even though at times it was tricky to keep them standing.

Our Infant Chefs!

Infant Tour to Bunratty

We had a lovely time in Bunratty Folk Park. We listened to a story in the castle, sang songs with Michael Grogan, sang to the fairies, danced to live traditional music, met Pa’s farm animals and had a picnic by the playground. Lovely memories of an exciting adventure.

Middle Room School Tour – Bunratty Castle and Ennis Fire Station 2023

On Thursday 8th June, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class set off on their school tour to Bunratty Castle and Folk park, followed by a visit to Ennis Fire Station. We were very lucky with the gorgeous weather on the day.

In the morning, we went to Bunratty Castle, where we got a guided tour of the castle. It was a very busy day, as there were lots of school tours and American visitors there. After this, we went to visit a “Bean an Tí”, where she gave us a butter making demonstration. We had a sing-song, where one of the children gave us a rendition of the “Rattlin Bog”, where we all sang along with the chorus, while the Bean an Tí was churning the butter. We also visited the village in Bunratty, where we finished the day off with a trip to the playground, where we all sat down in the grass to eat our lunches.

After lunch, we all headed off on the bus to Ennis Fire Station, where we met with two lovely firefighters. We had a fantastic time there. The children got a tour of the fire station, while also getting the opportunity to try on some of the uniforms. After this, we got to look at some of the special equipment and trucks they have. The fire fighters then brought us outside, where one of them brought out the fire engine, so that we could see the different compartments. The children got the opportunity to sit up in the fire engine and they really enjoyed this. After this, there was more excitement to be had. The children got to use the fire hose and spray the water in the air and across the yard. They were all so delighted to be able to use the hose, while having some fun and laughter at the water spraying everywhere. As the tour of the station ended, we all got in for a group photo with the two firefighters. We then got on the bus to head back to the school.

It was a superb day and the children really enjoyed themselves. It was both educational and enjoyable, and the children learnt alot. It was great to see the big smiles on their faces. It was a fun day – full of lots of activities, sing-songs, Irish dancing and hosing. Well worth it.

Middle Room – Stay Safe, Stay Clear ESB Art Competition – May 2023

At the end of May, the children in the Middle Room entered an ESB Networks “Stay Safe, Stay Clear” primary school competition. They all learnt about the six safety tips, along with a presentation. They all sang along to the “Stay Safe, Stay Clear” song. They each had to pick a safety tip of their choice and draw a picture depicting their choice from the six safety tips. The competition is a fun, exciting and educational way to discover the benefits of electricity while also learning how to be safe around it. Children showed their artistic skills and creativity, while also learning about being safe around electricity. We took some photos of the children with their projects, before sending them off to the judging panel in Dublin. Fingers crossed! Either way, this was a fun way for the children to learn about ESB safety.

Camogie Champions