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June 2024



Christmas Poems

Elf On The Shelf

I’m weak and tall,

Dressed in dark red and glossy white.

Easily seen but sometimes you don’t find me at all,

I get put in places big or small.


Last night as the smell of spaghetti loomed around,

I sat on l large  globe tall and round.

It felt smooth with not a groove,

It was my only friend until a moved.


My days are flying by,

But Santa still says ‘Hi’ 

Tonight is my last night,

There better be something to my delight.

By Joy Whelan

5th class




 Many people dashing around

Enjoying the magical day

Rushing to do some last minute shopping

Remembering all the previous years

Yorkshire puddings and a turkey roast shared amongst the family


Christmas crackers popping around the table

Hanging baubles glisten on the tree

Ringing bells at Christmas Eve

I can’t wait to see how happy we’ll be

Twinkling lights make spirits bright

Merry people sing Christmas carols

And January is coming near

Sending letters for Santa to read. 


   5th class


Mrs Clause was home on a cold Christmas Night!

Mrs Clause was home on a cold Christmas Night,

She waited for her man to return from his big, long flight.

The elves served her tea and some biscuits too

Near the fire where she sat were some black, charcoal boots.

She slid them on they were a bit tight

Because they belonged to an elf named Truffles MacButterknife!


Out she went to the shop

For a turkey to put in the cooking pot

As she walked home she felt very tired

So she sang a song 

To get her mind off her yawning


When she got home 

She went straight to bed

And she dreamt about dinner that she would eat the next day!

By Emma McMahon

5th Class!


The Gingerbread Man

The ginger bread man raised up in the piping hot oven,

Ready to be eaten to those who love them.

The Christmas aroma filled the air,

While Ms Clause began to prepare,

Chocolate buttons for the eyes,

A jelly tot for the nose,

A line of white icing was purposed,

To make the gingerbread man smile like he can.

Packed away into the sleigh,

To help Santa on his way!!!!

Maria Moloney